Digital Futures at Work Research Centre
Digital Futures at Work Research Centre

Research Theme 4: Reconnecting the Disconnected: New Channels of Voice and Representation

Dr. Isabel Távora

Isabel Tavora is a Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management and a member of the Work and Equalities Institute at the University of Manchester. Her current projects include research on how digitalisation is transforming the experience of work; a comparative study on the impact of the pandemic on women; a project investigating equality, diversity and inclusion policy and practice in UK universities and qualitative research on the role of staff networks in providing a voice for under-represented employees. Background Isabel completed her PhD in Alliance Manchester Business School in November 2009. She started her lecturing career in August of [...]

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Prof. Emma Banister

Background I am a member of the Work and Equalities Institute at the University of Manchester. I joined University of Manchester at the end of 2010 and before that worked at Lancaster University for seven years. My background is in consumer research and my interest in family consumption has informed a focus on parents’ experiences of the work-care interface, with a particular focus on fatherhood. Research interests Gender and work-care SMEs and flexible working Market exclusion and inequalities Consumption and identity projects Research articles Skandalis, A., Banister, E., and Byrom, J. (2020) ‘Musical taste and the creation of place-dependent capital’, [...]

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Laura Jarvis-King

Background Prior to my role as Research Associate in the Work and Equalities Institute, I had engaged in a number of research projects at the University of Leeds. My PhD research investigated practices of time, work, leisure, consumption and power in the sex industry, within the contexts of a digital, capitalist and civilising society. During this time, I also held a number of research posts, including working on a Wellcome-funded project exploring the working practices of internet-based sex workers and an internally-funded collaboration with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation to identify opportunities for post-industrial town labour markets. My research area [...]

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Dr. Simon Joyce

Background Simon came to academic research recently, after 25 years in the newspaper printing industry. Simon received his PhD in Human Resources Management in 2016 from the University of Hertfordshire. He came to the University of Leeds as a research fellow in January 2017. He has conducted research on platform work and the gig economy, both at Leeds and previously at Hertfordshire. Research Interests Simon’s research interest centres on processes of change in employment relations: how shifts in state policy, political and economic conditions, employer strategy and management systems affect the everyday experience of work, and how, in turn, [...]

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Kevin Hernandez

Background I am a Research Officer at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS).I completed an MA in Globalisation, Business and Development at IDS four years ago and have been working with the digital and technology cluster ever since. I work on projects covering various topics related to digital technology and development including automation and the future of work, the potential impacts of frontier technologies for Development, helping several donor agencies think through their digital strategies and use of digital technologies, the use of Technology for Transparency and Accountability (T4TA), the use of Real Time Data for decision making in [...]

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Dr. Charles Umney

Background Awarded PhD (“Managerial and mobilizing internationalism among British trade unions”) in 2012, from the University of Leeds. Worker as Lecturer/Senior Lecturer at the University of Greenwich, September 2011-December 2014 Joined as a Lecturer then Associate Professor in the Work and Employment Relations Division at Leeds University Business School January 2015. Research interests The creation and intensification of market competition and its effects on working conditions, particular as driven by digital technologies Marxist thought, particularly regarding state and class Work in the cultural/creative industries Recent Publications Policy publications Journal articles Other publications Research articles [...]

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Prof. Debra Howcroft

I am the Deputy Director of the Work and Equalities Institute at the University of Manchester and Editor of New Technology, Work and Employment. Background I have worked at the University of Manchester since 2003.  Previously I was employed as a computer programmer and systems developer in the engineering industry. Research interests New technologies, work and employment Technology-enabled working practices, such as the platform economy Technology workers Gender and technology Recent publications Journal articles Other publications Research articles Howcroft, D. &  Rubery, J. ‘Bias in, Bias out’: gender equality and the future of work debate, Labour [...]

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Dr. Becky Faith

Background I am a Research Fellow and Co-Leader of the Digital and Technology cluster. My professional experience and research interests encompass gender and technology, mobile communication studies, human computer interaction and technology for social change. I have fifteen years’ strategic and programme experience working in Information and communication technologies for development (ICT4D) and technology for human rights organisations. I started her career in digital start-ups, working on the UK’s first e-commerce platforms in the 1990s. Research interests Gender and technology Digital skills and youth Digital inequalities Algorithmic decision making Policy Brief Digit Data Commentary [...]

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