Leeds Index of Platform Labour Protest

Denis Neumann

Background I started as a PGR at the Work and Employment Relations Division of Leeds University Business School in February 2021. I am researching industrial action in platform-mediated courier work, with a particular focus on the German food delivery industry. I am also part of the Leeds Index of Platform Labour Protest project. Research interests Platform work Industrial Relations Young People and Trade Unions Book chapters Gardawski J, Mrozowicki A, Trappmann V, Andrejczuk M, Burski J, Czarzasty J, Lorenzen JM, Karolak M, Krasowska A, Neumann D, Seehaus A. Young Precarious Workers in Poland and Germany. Insights into life [...]

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Prof. Vera Trappmann

Background I am Professor in Work and Comparative Employment Relations at Leeds University. I joined Leeds University in 2015 as an Associate Professor. Prior to this I was a Junior Professor of European Studies at Magdeburg University and a Researcher at Friedrich Schiller University in Jena. I obtained my PhD at the European University Viadrina in 2009 after completing a Diplom in sociology at Bielefeld University and a Master degree in Russian and East European Studies at Stanford University. My main research interests focus on the dynamics of organisational restructuring and its impact on working biographies, precarity and workers’ [...]

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Dr Simon Joyce

Background Simon came to academic research recently, after 25 years in the newspaper printing industry. Simon received his PhD in Human Resources Management in 2016 from the University of Hertfordshire. He came to the University of Leeds as a research fellow in January 2017. He has conducted research on platform work and the gig economy, both at Leeds and previously at Hertfordshire. Research Interests Simon’s research interest centres on processes of change in employment relations: how shifts in state policy, political and economic conditions, employer strategy and management systems affect the everyday experience of work, and how, in turn, [...]

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Prof. Charles Umney

Charles is Professor of International Work and Employment at Leeds University Business School. Background Awarded PhD (“Managerial and mobilizing internationalism among British trade unions”) in 2012, from the University of Leeds. Worker as Lecturer/Senior Lecturer at the University of Greenwich, September 2011-December 2014 Joined as a Lecturer then Associate Professor in the Work and Employment Relations Division at Leeds University Business School January 2015. Research interests The creation and intensification of market competition and its effects on working conditions, particular as driven by digital technologies Marxist thought, particularly regarding state and class Work in the cultural/creative industries Recent [...]

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Dr. Ioulia Bessa

I received my PhD in Cass Business School, City University and joined CERIC in 2013. Between 2013-2015 I held a post-doctoral post between Leeds University Business School and the School of Social Sciences and in 2015 I became one of the 250 Academic University Fellows. Background My work on flexible work arrangements has been recently published in Human Resource Management and earlier, in 2017, in the Journal of Industrial Relations. In 2018 I co-edited the Special issue of the WES journal “In, Against and Beyond Precarity”. Using a number of datasets in my publications, I have been involved in [...]

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Prof. Mark Stuart

I am the Co-Director of the Digit Research Centre, alongside Professor O’Reilly, and the Montague Burton Professor of Human Resource Management and Employment Relations, at Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds. Background I have been at Leeds since 1992, studying first for a PhD and taking up a Chair in 2005. I am the Founding Director of the Centre for Employment Relations Innovation and Change, and am currently Pro Dean for Research for the Faculty of Business. Formerly, I was Editor in Chief of Work, Employment and Society (2011-15) and President of the British Universities Industrial Relations Association [...]

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