Digital Futures at Work Research Centre
Digital Futures at Work Research Centre

Impact Leads

Dr. Kate Hardy

Background I am Associate Professor in Work and Employment Relations at the University of Leeds. My research interests include paid and unpaid work; gender; agency; materialist feminism; collective organising; political economy; the body; disability; sex work and social struggles. My work has been widely published academically and disseminated through radio and news media. I co-authored a monograph with Teela Sanders, entitled ‘Flexible Workers: labour, regulation and the political economy of stripping industry’ and I have published widely in academic journals including Work, Employment and Society; British Journal of Sociology; Environment and Planning D: Society and Space; Globalizations and others. [...]

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Prof. Richard Dickens

My interests are around impacts of new forms of digital technology in the labour market and how these may adversely affect some groups of workers.  Alongside this I will explore the potential role of regulatory and labour market reform to provide protection to those workers. As an Impact Lead for the Digit Research Centre, I will work to bring the research findings into the public and policy domain. Background I am Professor of Economics at the University of Sussex. I am a leading academic on labour markets and my research is influential in both policy and academic debate. I [...]

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