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Digital Futures at Work Research Centre

Associate Fellows

Simone Vannuccini

Simone is a Lecturer at the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU), University of Sussex Business School. He co-leads the Research Mobilisation Group on Artificial Intelligence, is the Director of the Future of Work Hub, and the convenor of the SPRU Freeman Seminar series. Dr Vannuccini is also an Associated Fellow of the Graduate College 'The Economics of Innovative Change', Friedrich Schiller University Jena (Germany) and has been Adjunct Professor of Economics of Innovation at the University of Insubria (Italy), where currently is a Faculty Board Member of the PhD Program in Methods and Models for Economic Decisions. He also [...]

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Dr Adrian Smith

I am an interdisciplinary social scientist at Queen Mary University of London. Currently I am working on a Leverhulme Trust Major Research Fellowship examining the relationships between employment, new technologies and food security in the UK’s glasshouse food production sector. The project will be looking at the role that ‘digital’ (and other) technologies play in securing food production in agri-food value chains. I will be joining the University of Sussex Business School in summer 2022. Background My background is in economic geography, value chains and labour issues. I completed a DPhil at the University of Sussex in 1996 and have held [...]

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Dr Federico Iannacci

Background Federico is a Lecturer in digital technology at work at the University of Sussex and a Senior Editor of the Information Systems Journal. He is a regular attendee of the QCA expert workshop held annually in Zurich. Research Interests e-Government Information Systems Strategy Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) Critical Realism Journal articles Iannacci, F., Simeneova, B. and Kawalek, P. (2022), “Investigating the determinants of inter-organizational information sharing within criminal justice: a context-mechanism-outcome approach”, Journal of Information Technology; (Accepted for publication; DOI: ) Iannacci, F., Seepma, A., de Blok, C. & Resca, A. (2019). Reappraising maturity models in [...]

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Dr Matthew Cole

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute on the Fairwork project, which highlights best and worst labour practices in the global platform economy. Background I am originally from the rust belt of New York State, though have lived in London for over a decade. I have been actively involved in trades-unions and labour movement for over fifteen years. In addition to my work at Oxford, I am a member of the British Universities Industrial Relations Association and a contributor to the future of work group at the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence. I have been published [...]

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Dr Krystallia (Krysta) Moysidou

Background Prior to her current appointment, Krysta held academic and visiting positions at the Warwick Business School, the University of Hamburg, Technical University of Munich, University of St. Gallen and MacQuarie University. Krysta holds a BSc in Business Administration (Hons), an MSc in International Business and Management (Distinction) and a Doctorate (Doctor rerum politicarum) in Management (summa cum laude). Her current research work focuses on understanding the impact of digital platforms in our society with emphasis on digital health, the future of work, and e-governance. Research interests Crowdfunding Digital health Future of work E-governance Journal articles Moysidou, K. [...]

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Pericles ‘asher’ Rospigliosi

I am Principal lecturer in e-commerce, digital marketing and the digital economy and Research Ethics and Integrity Lead at the University of Brighton. Background I’m an economic sociologist excited by the impact of technology on society, education and business. I research the history and role of higher education, graduate employability and how graduates might best be served by university. I teach the impact of social media, the metaverse, big data and internet technologies on society and business. I help edit the Taylor and Francis Journal Interactive Learning Environments. Via KTPs I have worked on the digital transformation of manufacturing, [...]

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Dr Benjamin Marent

Background Ben is a sociologist interested in organisational processes of shaping and orchestrating digital futures. Focusing on digital transformations in the healthcare sector, his research explores how digital health practices cope with and utilise the combined and interrelated challenges of increases in quantification (e.g. data-intensive medicine), ubiquitous connectivity (e.g. tele-medicine) and unprecedented modes of instantaneous calculation (e.g. algorithmic medicine). Utilising a codesign approach, his research reconceptualises design itself as a more collaborative, participatory and anticipatory mode of governing digital futures that aims to generate new possibilities and value-centric approaches for promoting health in digital societies. Research interests Digital Futures [...]

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Dr Ping-Jen Kao

Ping is a Lecturer in Information Systems at the University of Sussex Business School. Background Ping-Jen received his PhD from Warwick Business School, University of Warwick. Before joining Sussex in 2021, Ping-Jen was a Research Fellow in Business Model Innovation at University College London. He is good at using counter-intuitive thinking to challenge conventional wisdom and develop innovative solutions for businesses. Ping-Jen focuses on developing overarching innovation and business model strategies. Research interests Digital transformation  Business model innovation  Product/service innovation  Online community management  Journal articles Kao, P.-J., Pai, P., & Tsai, H.-T. (2020). Looking at both sides of [...]

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Photo of Zahira Taser

Dr. Zahira Jaser

Research interests Zahira’s research focuses on multilevel relationships in today's hyperconnected organisations, where hierarchies are becoming more fluid, or even virtual. Her latest research focuses on how job seekers experience automated video job interviews (AVIs). She studies managers as connecting leaders, rather than bureaucrats. She investigates connecting leaders' ability to facilitate relational, dialectic processes, dealing openly with dilemmas and conflicts, focusing on tensions surrounding voice, empathy, authenticity. Recent journal articles Other publications Research Articles Spicer, A., Jaser, Z., & Wiertz, C. (2021). The future of the business school: finding hope in alternative pasts. Academy of Management [...]

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Dr. Fabian Stephany

Background Fabian Stephany is a postdoctoral researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), University of Oxford. As an economist and social data scientist, Fabian investigates how we can create more sustainable jobs via data-driven reskilling in times of technological disruption. He is a co-creator of the Online Labour Observatory – a digital data hub for researchers, policy makers, journalists, and the public interested in the development of online labour markets, which is hosted by the OII and the International Labour Organisation. Fabian holds a PhD and degrees in Economics and Social Sciences from different European institutions, including Universitá Bocconi Milan and [...]

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