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Digital Futures at Work Research Centre

Advisory Board

Nimmi Patel

Nimmi works on all things skills policy, focusing on upskilling and retrain at techUK. She is committed to embedding diversity in the UK tech pipeline from classroom to boardroom working with partners such as the Tech Talent Charter and the WISE Campaign. Nimmi also leads techUK’s immigration work, collaborating with techUK members and stakeholders to create an environment that attracts the best talent to the UK. Prior to joining techUK, Nimmi worked for the UK Labour Party and New Zealand Labour Party and holds a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from the University of Manchester and is currently [...]

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Anna Thomas

Anna is a former barrister from Devereux Chambers, specialising in employment law and appointed a Counsel to the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Prior to IFOW, Anna was Head of Policy for the Future of Work Commission and is a Fellow of the Institute for Policy Research, RSA and IEO.

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Prof. Susan Halford

Professor Susan Halford is co-Director of the ESRC Centre for Sociodigital Futures and co-Director of the Bristol Digital Futures Institute. For many years an organizational sociologist, Susan is well known for her work on the dynamics of organizational change, including digital transformations in the workplace. Her most recent research focusses on the politics and practices of digital data, methods and infrastructures, working across the social sciences and engineering, with a focus on questions of knowledge, power and inequality. Most recently, she is working on theoretical and methodological approaches to futures, driving towards inclusive, practical, and participatory approaches for collaborative [...]

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Mary Towers

Supported by a trade union working group, Mary is leading a TUC project looking at the use of artificial intelligence in the employment relationship. The project so far has involved research into the worker experience of technology used to recruit and manage, publication of a research report, a legal report, a TUC AI manifesto with proposals for change, as well as guidance for trade union reps on AI at work. All these reports can be found here: Mary also tweets about AI at work from a union perspective here @MaryMay_ling. Mary began her career as an employment lawyer at a London [...]

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Edward Badu

Edward Badu is the Director of Youth Organising and Apprenticeship at the Centre for Theology and Community, co-founder of SharpEdged and Foundation Governor at All Saints Catholic School. Edward studied at St. Ignatius College, Enfield, before spending ten years in the property industry, working with private and corporate clients. He has been an advocate for the growth and development of young people in London with a grass roots knowledge of the issues they face in the communities he organises in. He was notably one of the nine commissioners on the​ ​Citizens’ Inquiry​ into​ ​the​ ​Tottenham​ ​​Riots in 2011, resulting in ​a​​ community-led​​ plan​ of​ ​action​ ​for​ ​a​ ​brighter​ ​future​ ​in​ ​Tottenham​. He brought this experience to inform and [...]

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Tori Roberts

As the Core Business Services Technology & Innovation Lead for EY UK & Ireland, I lead on our internal technology strategies, investment decisions and partner with our global EY teams, alliances and suppliers to deliver innovative technologies to our people. After graduating in BSc Environmental Science at the University of Sussex, I ‘fell into’ a technology career at EY developing and coding solutions in fast paced agile teams, moving through to lead teams, business analysis and project managing large global transformation programmes. Now I focus on technology innovation with a portfolio of products for the UK business including our [...]

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Prof. David Perfect

Background I worked in research management for the Equal Opportunities Commission (1988-2007) and the Equality and Human Rights Commission (2007-2020). I retired in November 2020. I have been a Visiting Professor at the University of Chester since 2017. Research Interests Equality and human rights, especially religion or belief equality and gender equality. The politics and history of The Gambia. Research articles ‘Religion or Belief, Equality and Human Rights Law and the Media”, in R. Sandberg, N. Doe, B. Kane and C. Roberts (eds.), Handbook of the Interdisciplinary Study of Law and Religion (Edward Elgar, 2019), 260-85 (with Simon [...]

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