The Data Observatory will support access to original data and innovative methodologies to examine digital futures at work ‘offering analysis, tools, data and advice to government, business and civil society’.

The Data Observatory will be organised across five specific activities:

Cambridge Centre for Business Research Leximetric Datasets on employment regulation

Access to future datasets will be available here.

A range of publications will be specifically generated through the Data Observatory, including:

  • Digital Briefs reporting Digit research findings;
  • Blogs on topical issues;
  • Trends in Digital Futures at Work ;
  • Changes to key employment indicators with interactive charts and data;
  • ‘How to’ guides – on the use of particular techniques, methods or statistical packages;
  • Annual reports.

This will be an online space to discuss new books by partners across the centre.

  • Student Summer Placements
  • One-day workshops or taster sessions
  • Annual International Summer School