Research interests

Zahira’s research focuses on multilevel relationships in today’s hyperconnected organisations, where hierarchies are becoming more fluid, or even virtual. Her latest research focuses on how job seekers experience automated video job interviews (AVIs). She studies managers as connecting leaders, rather than bureaucrats. She investigates connecting leaders’ ability to facilitate relational, dialectic processes, dealing openly with dilemmas and conflicts, focusing on tensions surrounding voice, empathy, authenticity.

Recent journal articles

Where Automated Interviews Fall Short

Jaser, Z., Petrakaki, D., Starr, R., Oyarbide-Magaña, E. (2022) Harvard Business Review

Other publications

Research Articles

Spicer, A., Jaser, Z., & Wiertz, C. (2021). The future of the business school: finding hope in alternative pasts. Academy of Management Learning & Education, online 

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Vignoles, V., Jaser, Z., Taylor, F., & Ntontis, E. (2021). Harnessing shared identities to mobilise resilient responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Political Psychology, doi 10.1111/pops.12726. 

Jaser, Z. (2021). The connecting leader. Aligning leadership theories to managers’ issues. Leadership, 

Jaser, Z, (2018) Seeking Transparency Whilst Embracing Ambiguity: Skip Level Leadership Dynamics during Strategic Change. Available at SSRN  

Jaser, Z. (2017). Pulled in Two Directions. Leader to Some and Follower to Others.  Best Paper OMT division. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings.


Jaser, Z. Ed. (2020) The Connecting Leader. Serving Concurrently as a Leader and a Follower. Leadership Horizon Series (Eds. Bligh, M., Carsten, M.) Charlotte: Information Age Publishing (IAP) 

Policy publications