Associate Fellow
Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford and The Alan Turing Institute

Sanna is a quantitative researcher studying the intersection of digital transformation, international development, and the role of data. She is working on her doctoral thesis at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), University of Oxford. Sanna’s doctoral research is funded by The Alan Turing Institute, the UK’s national institute for data science and AI. She consults as a data scientist for development organizations such as GIZ, World Bank, and the Inter-American Development Bank.


Before commencing her doctoral studies, Sanna worked at the OII as the quantitative research lead in an ERC-funded GeoNet project studying how new economic practices and processes are taking root in Sub-Saharan Africa as a result of changing connectivities.

Research interests
  • Digital transformation and technological change
  • Future of work and gig economy
  • International development and sustainable development
  • Economic geography
  • Computational social science and data science
Journal articles

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Book Chapters

Bertolini, A., Graham, M., Neerukonda, M., Ojanperä, S., Parthasarathy, B., Srinivasan, J., Taduri, P., and Ustek-Spilda, F. Forthcoming in “Platformising Informality, One Gig at a Time” In A. Suriti, and U. Huws (Eds.), Platformization and Informality: Pathways of Change, Alteration, and Transformation,  London: Palgrave Macmillan.

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Policy publications

Katta, S., Ferrari, F., Ojanperä, S., Salem, N, Taduri, P., Neerukonda, M., and Graham, M. (2021) Skills for the Planetary Labour Market: Indian Workers in the Platform Economy. Oxford, UK; Manchester, UK; Cape Town, South Africa; Bangalore, India: Fairwork Foundation.

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