Associate Fellow
University of Southampton

Rebecca was awarded a Digit Innovation Fund in 2022.


Rebecca is a sociologist of work, employment and organisations with interests spanning conceptual debates about paid and unpaid work; innovation in public services and digital transformation. She is a quliative research specialist and has undertaken studies for a range of funders including ESRC, AHRC, Nuffield and DWP. She has published widely in academic books journals and is on the editorial board for the BSA journal Work Employment Society.

She is an Associate Professor and a Co-Director of the Work Futures Research Centre, at Southampton, which aims to disseminate research, influence policy and practice and showcase cutting edge research on work and its futures.

Research Interests
  • Conceptualising work and the boundaries between paid and unpaid labour
  • Digital labour and work in the digital economy
  • Data, software and ethics
  • Organisations and Institutions delivering public services
  • Innovation in health and social care
Journal articles

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Book Chapters

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