I am Professor in Work and Comparative Employment Relations at Leeds University. I joined Leeds University in 2015 as an Associate Professor. Prior to this I was a Junior Professor of European Studies at Magdeburg University and a Researcher at Friedrich Schiller University in Jena. I obtained my PhD at the European University Viadrina in 2009 after completing a Diplom in sociology at Bielefeld University and a Master degree in Russian and East European Studies at Stanford University.

My main research interests focus on the dynamics of organisational restructuring and its impact on working biographies, precarity and workers’ responses. This covers a broad range of areas studying platform work and mobilisation, climate change and just transition, precarity and the labour market.

Research Interests
  • Platform work
  • Precarity
  • Voice and trade unions
  • Climate change

Recent Publications

Policy publications

A global analysis of worker protest in digital labour platforms

Bessa, I., Joyce, S., Neumann, D., Stuart, M., Trappmann, V. and Umney, C. (2022) International Labour Organization

Other publications

Research Articles

Trappmann V, Seehaus A, Mrozowicki A, Krasowska A. 2020. The Moral Boundary Drawing of Class: Social Inequality and Young Precarious Workers in Poland and Germany. Sociology. 

Mrozowicki A, Trappmann V. 2020. Precarity as a Biographical Problem? Young Workers Living with Precarity in Germany and Poland. Work, Employment and Society.  

Mrozowicki A, Trappmann V, Seehaus A, Kajta J. 2019. Who is a right-wing supporter? On the biographical experiences of young right-wing voters in Poland and Germany. Qualitative Sociology Review. 15(4), pp. 212-235  

Alberti G, Bessa I, Hardy KR, Trappmann V, Umney C. 2018. In, Against and Beyond Precarity: Work in Insecure Times. Work, Employment and Society. 32(3), pp. 447-457  


Trappmann V. 2013. Fallen Heroes in Global Capitalism. Workers and the Restructuring of the Polish Steel Industry. Palgrave Macmillan UK 

Bluhm K; Martens B; Trappmann V (eds.) 2013. Business leaders and new varieties of capitalism in post-communist Europe. 

Jesnes, Kristin, Denis Neumann, Vera Trappmann, Pauline deBevelier (2021): Food delivery workers´ protest in Paris, Cologne and Oslo: New Actors and old Allies in: A Modern Guide to Labour and thePlatform Economy, Edited by Jan Drahokoupil and Kurt Vandaele, Edward Elgar Publishing

Policy publications

Vera Trappmann, Ioulia Bessa, Simon Joyce, Denis Neumann, Mark Stuart, Charles Umney (2020): GLOBAL LABOUR UNREST ON PLATFORMS. The case of food delivery workers: FES

Simon Joyce, Denis Neumann, Vera Trappmann, Charles Umey (2020) “A global struggle: worker protest in the platform economy”. ETUI, 2020.

Digit researchers’ findings on labour protests during the pandemic published by ILO

25 November 2022

The report documents protests by key workers in healthcare and retail against their working conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Digit researchers at the SASE 2022 conference

26 July 2022

Digit researchers discussed their work at the SASE cofnerence, 9-11 July 2022 in Amsterdam.

Researchers present at BUIRA conference 2022

30 June 2022

Digit researchers discuss their work at the BUIRA Annual Conference

New ILO paper by Digit researchers on platform labour protest

28 June 2022

A new paper by Digit researchers, published by the International Labour Organization, "A global analysis of worker protest in digital labour platforms", aims to develop an understanding of labour unrest among platform workers as a global phenomenon.

Digit researchers present at 40th International Labour Process Conference

26 April 2022

There were more than 15 presentations involving members of the Digit community at the 40th ILPC in Padua.

Digit researchers deliver plenary talk on global labour unrest on platforms, using the case of food delivery workers

2 December 2020

 Digit Co-Director Professor Mark Stuart and Dr. Vera Trappman from Leeds University Business School will deliver a plenary talk on global labour unrest on platforms, using the case of food delivery workers, at the ILERA Regional Congress, Philippines, tomorrow, 03 December 2020.   You can read the abstract from their session below: Labour unrest by platform workers is an important phenomenon in the new world of work. This study examines patterns of platform labour unrest on a global scale, drawing from a database of over 500 instances of labour unrest in the food delivery sector. Results show that labour unrest […]