Co-Lead, Research Theme 1: The Impact of Digitalisation on Work and Employment
University of Cambridge
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Simon Deakin is a professor of law and director of the Centre for Business Research at the University of Cambridge.


He specialises in the economic and empirical analysis of law, with particular reference to labour and financial markets. He has carried out empirical legal research in numerous countries including Japan, China, Russia, India and South Africa. He is currently researching the implications for law of machine learning.

Research interests
  • Labour law
  • Economics of law
  • Law and development
  • Law and technology
Research articles

Deakin (2020) Decoding Employment Status, King’s Law Journal, 31:2, 180-193

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Deakin & Markou (2020) Is Law Computable? Critical Perspectives on Law and Artificial Intelligence. Hart Publishing.

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Working papers

Markou, Christopher and Deakin, Simon F., ‘Ex machina lex: the limits of legal computability’ (June 21, 2019). Available at SSRN: or

Policy publications

CBR blog:

L’Évolution juridique. Lectures presented at the Collège de France, Paris, May 2019. Includes lecture on law and technology: