Impact Co-Lead
University of Sussex Business School
+44 (0)1273 678461

My interests are around impacts of new forms of digital technology in the labour market and how these may adversely affect some groups of workers.  Alongside this I will explore the potential role of regulatory and labour market reform to provide protection to those workers.

As an Impact Lead for the Digit Research Centre, I will work to bring the research findings into the public and policy domain.


I am Professor of Economics at the University of Sussex. I am a leading academic on labour markets and my research is influential in both policy and academic debate. I am alos an Independent Member to the UK Low Pay Commission, the body that advises government on minimum wage policy.

Research interests
  • The labour market impacts of minimum wages
  • Eliciting measures of discrimination using textual data
  • Poverty and labour market policies
Research articles




Planned Research working papers and delivery date

The Impact of the recent increases in UK Minimum Wages on the Labour Market (2020)

Using big data to measure discrimination (2020)

Gender bias in subjective evaluations (2021)