Co-Investigator and Co-Lead of MSc People Analytics
University of Sussex Business School
+44 (0)1273 872982

I have 23 years of experience including 21 years in academia and two years in a consulting company. I have a versatile teaching experience in several countries including the UK, China, India and Australia. I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK, and I have  written several book chapters. My writing on emerging topics such as delivery drones and successful retail operations in the hyper-customisation era has received media attention.


I have published 93 refereed research papers in leading operations and supply chain management journals. I guest edited several special issues and I am involved in several research projects such as sustainable business model development, cold chain network optimisation, eco-innovation in emerging economies and ambiguous threats in supply networks. In my previous assignments, I contributed at various levels to successfully secure and complete eight research grants. I have supervised several undergraduate students’ dissertations, 55 post graduate dissertations and ten PhD student thesis.

Research interests
  • Technology interface in supply chains
  • Supply chain resilience and innovation
  • Sustainability and humanitarian operations management
  • Ambi-supply networks and performance measurement
Recent publications
Journal articles

Performance analysis of clustering methods for balanced multi-robot task allocations

Murugappan, E., Subramanian, N., Rahman, S., Goh, M., Chan, H. K. (2021) International Journal of Production Research

Supply chain collaboration and eco-innovations: An institutional perspective from China

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Disturbances to the supply chains of high-value manufacturing firms: comparison of the perceptions of product managers and supply chain managers

Fahian Huq, Kulwant S. Pawar, Nachiappan Subramanian (2020), International Journal of Production Research

Green human resource management and the enablers of green organisational culture: Enhancing a firm’s environmental performance for sustainable development

Roscoe S, Subramanian N, Jabbour CJC, Chong T (2019) Business Strategy and the Environment, 28(5):737-749


Innovation Analytics: Tools for Competitive Advantage

Edited by Subramanian, N., Ponnambalam, S.G., Janardhanan, M. (2022) World Scientific

Blockchain and Supply Chain Logistics: Evolutionary Case Studies

Nachiappan Subramanian, Atanu Chaudhuri, Yaşanur Kayıkcı (2020), Palgrave Macmillan

Other publications
Research articles

Kim S, Ramkumar, M.A and Subramanian, N (2018) Logistics service provider selection for disaster preparation: A socio-technical systems perspective. Annals of Operations Research. DOI: 10.1007/s10479-018-03128-4 (ABS 3 level)

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Ramanathan U, Subramanian N and Parrot G (2017). Role of social media in retail network operations and marketing to enhance customer satisfaction. International Journal of Operations and Production Management 37 (1): 105-123 (ABS 4 level). HIGHLY COMMENDED PAPER AWARD


Ponnambalam SG, Subramanian N, Tiwari, MK, Yusoff WAW (2019). Industry 4.0 and Hyper-Customized Smart Manufacturing Supply Chains. IGI Global, Hershey, USA. ISBN13: 9781522590781

Working papers

Moosmayer D, Abdulrahman M, Subramanian N and Begvist L (2019). Engines of growth? Simulating market shares for remanufactured car engines based on consumer perceptions, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, (ABS 4*)

Blome C, Hofman P, Subramanian N and Schleper M (2019). Supply Chain Collaboration and Eco-Innovation: An Institutional Perspective for China, Business Strategy and the Environment (ABS 3*)

Policy publications

Social media and successful retail operations in the hyper-customisation era (

Delivery drones could be a reality, China Daily,, (Edwards D and Subramanian N)

Planned Research working papers and delivery date

Son B-G, Ries JM and Subramanian N (20XX). The role of intent to learn drivers of employees in creating supplier-driven innovation: Multi-perspective analysis capturing employee reflections through social media, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, September 2019 (ABS 4*).

Gunessee SS and Subramanian N (20XX). Supply Chain Resilience in an Ambiguous World: A Framework and Empirical Evidence, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, Under review (ABS 4*).

Abdulrahman M, Subramanian N and Yang JY (20XX). Seaports corruption and logistics costs: Emerging economy empirical evidence, International Journal of Production and Operations Management, 30 October 2019 (ABS 4*).

Digital volunteerism: The role of social media during disaster relief operations, Production and Operations Management Journal, 30 October 2019 (ABS 4*).

Keynote lectures

Blockchain and food security, Newton Researcher Link Workshop, Brazil, September 9-12, 2019.

Organising special track on the topic “Managing Supply Chain Risk in Divided Times” in Production and Operations Management Conference, September 2019, Brighton.


Blockchain and Supply Chain, Palgrave, November 2019.