Co-Investigator and Co-Lead of MSc People Analytics
University of Sussex Business School
+44 (0)1273 872982

I have 23 years of experience including 21 years in academia and two years in a consulting company. I have a versatile teaching experience in several countries including the UK, China, India and Australia. I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK, and I have  written several book chapters. My writing on emerging topics such as delivery drones and successful retail operations in the hyper-customisation era has received media attention.


I have published 93 refereed research papers in leading operations and supply chain management journals. I guest edited several special issues and I am involved in several research projects such as sustainable business model development, cold chain network optimisation, eco-innovation in emerging economies and ambiguous threats in supply networks. In my previous assignments, I contributed at various levels to successfully secure and complete eight research grants. I have supervised several undergraduate students’ dissertations, 55 post graduate dissertations and ten PhD student thesis.

Research interests
  • Technology interface in supply chains
  • Supply chain resilience and innovation
  • Sustainability and humanitarian operations management
  • Ambi-supply networks and performance measurement
Research articles

Hofman, P. S., Blome, C., Schleper, M. C., Subramanian, N. (2020), Supply chain collaboration and eco-innovations: An institutional perspective from China, Business Strategy and the Environment, 29(6): 2734-2754.

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Subramanian, N., Chaudhuri, A., Kayıkcı, Y. (2020). Blockchain and Supply Chain Logistics: Evolutionary Case Studies, Palgrave Macmillan.

Ponnambalam SG, Subramanian N, Tiwari, MK, Yusoff WAW (2019). Industry 4.0 and Hyper-Customized Smart Manufacturing Supply Chains. IGI Global, Hershey, USA. ISBN13: 9781522590781

Working papers

Moosmayer D, Abdulrahman M, Subramanian N and Begvist L (2019). Engines of growth? Simulating market shares for remanufactured car engines based on consumer perceptions, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, (ABS 4*)

Blome C, Hofman P, Subramanian N and Schleper M (2019). Supply Chain Collaboration and Eco-Innovation: An Institutional Perspective for China, Business Strategy and the Environment (ABS 3*)

Policy publications

Social media and successful retail operations in the hyper-customisation era (

Delivery drones could be a reality, China Daily,, (Edwards D and Subramanian N)

Planned Research working papers and delivery date

Son B-G, Ries JM and Subramanian N (20XX). The role of intent to learn drivers of employees in creating supplier-driven innovation: Multi-perspective analysis capturing employee reflections through social media, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, September 2019 (ABS 4*).

Gunessee SS and Subramanian N (20XX). Supply Chain Resilience in an Ambiguous World: A Framework and Empirical Evidence, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, Under review (ABS 4*).

Abdulrahman M, Subramanian N and Yang JY (20XX). Seaports corruption and logistics costs: Emerging economy empirical evidence, International Journal of Production and Operations Management, 30 October 2019 (ABS 4*).

Digital volunteerism: The role of social media during disaster relief operations, Production and Operations Management Journal, 30 October 2019 (ABS 4*).

Keynote lectures

Blockchain and food security, Newton Researcher Link Workshop, Brazil, September 9-12, 2019.

Organising special track on the topic “Managing Supply Chain Risk in Divided Times” in Production and Operations Management Conference, September 2019, Brighton.


Blockchain and Supply Chain, Palgrave, November 2019.