Co-Lead, Research Theme 4: Reconnecting the Disconnected: New Channels of Voice and Representation
Work and Equalities Institute, University of Manchester
+44 (0)161 2756327

I am a member of the Work and Equalities Institute at the University of Manchester.

I joined University of Manchester at the end of 2010 and before that worked at Lancaster University for seven years. My background is in consumer research and my interest in family consumption has informed a focus on parents’ experiences of the work-care interface, with a particular focus on fatherhood.

Research interests
  • Gender and work-care
  • SMEs and flexible working
  • Market exclusion and inequalities
  • Consumption and identity projects
Research articles

Skandalis, A., Banister, E., and Byrom, J. (2020) ‘Musical taste and the creation of place-dependent capital’, Sociology, 54, 1, 124-141

Bruce, H. and Banister, E. (2019) ‘Army wives’ consumer vulnerability and communities of coping’, European Journal of Marketing, 54, 11, 2849-2871

Banister, E., Piacentini, M., and Grimes, A. (2019) ‘Identity refusal: Distancing from non-drinking in a drinking culture’, Sociology, 53, 4, 744–761

A full list of Emma’s publications can be found here: