Co-Lead, Research Theme 4: Reconnecting the Disconnected: New Channels of Voice and Representation
Alliance Manchester Business School
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I am the Deputy Director of the Work and Equalities Institute at the University of Manchester and Editor of New Technology, Work and Employment.


I have worked at the University of Manchester since 2003.  Previously I was employed as a computer programmer and systems developer in the engineering industry.

Research interests
  • New technologies, work and employment
  • Technology-enabled working practices, such as the platform economy
  • Technology workers
  • Gender and technology

Recent publications

Journal articles

Automation and the future of work: A social shaping of technology approach

Howcroft, D., Taylor, P. (2022) New Technology, Work and Employment

New technology, trade unions and the future: not quite the end of organised labour

Martínez Lucio, M., Mustchin, S., Marino, S., Howcroft, D., Smith, H. (2021) Revista Española De Sociología (RES) / Spanish Journal of Sociology

Other publications

Research articles

Howcroft, D. &  Rubery, J. ‘Bias in, Bias out’: gender equality and the future of work debate, Labour & Industry: a journal of the social and economic relations of work, 2019.

Howcroft D and Bergvall-Kåreborn B, A Typology of Crowdwork Platforms, Work, Employment and Society, 33: 1, 21-38, 2019.


Dundon T, Martinez-Lucio M, Hughes E, Howcroft D, Keizer A and Walden R (2020) Power, Politics and Influence at Work, Manchester University Press.

Research working papers

Working time and technology workers

Platform work and gender: a focus on the legal profession