Associate fellow
School of Business and Law, University of Brighton

I am Principal lecturer in e-commerce, digital marketing and the digital economy and Research Ethics and Integrity Lead at the University of Brighton.


I’m an economic sociologist excited by the impact of technology on society, education and business. I research the history and role of higher education, graduate employability and how graduates might best be served by university. I teach the impact of social media, the metaverse, big data and internet technologies on society and business. I help edit the Taylor and Francis Journal Interactive Learning Environments. Via KTPs I have worked on the digital transformation of manufacturing, marketing and distribution with a range of Sussex companies and charities. In the 90s I built award winning ecommerce systems and websites including GameSpot UK.

Research interests

  • Social media and graduate pre-professional identity
  • Digital economy and human capital
  • Metaverse, virtual reality, work and play
  • Vocationalism, higher education and employment
  • Researcher development and online learning

Journal articles

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Book chapters

Rospigliosi, P. A., & Raza-Mejia, S. (2021). Accelerated modernity: What are the social media stories undergraduate students engage with? In C. Cobanoglu, & V. Della Corte (Eds.), Advances in global services and retail management (pp. 1–11). USF M3 Publishing.

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Asher delivered a webinar on AI and big data analytics alongside academics at the University of Sussex – Dec 2021

Horizons: New technologies and trends in supply chain management