Associate Fellow
National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET)

In 2021, Mariana Fernandez Massi held a Maria Jahoda Visiting Fellowship at Digit Centre, with the purpose of contributing to a better understanding of the actors involved in platform labour unrest in the food delivery sector in Argentina and their relationship with mainstream unions and social movements. The research, carried out in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 2021, showed that protests linked to safety issues (injuries, accidents, robberies) are widespread, but mostly local and in reaction to specific episodes, while the main driver for labour unrest is the pay per ride. It also revealed that political orientation is more relevant than institutional links in explaining not just the orientation of demands and protest methods but also the survival of the organization.

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Contested delivery platforms in Argentina: what do platform workers want?

In South America, “health and safety” is one of the main demands in platform labour protests.