Research Fellow
University of Manchester

Prior to my role as Research Associate in the Work and Equalities Institute, I had engaged in a number of research projects at the University of Leeds. My PhD research investigated practices of time, work, leisure, consumption and power in the sex industry, within the contexts of a digital, capitalist and civilising society.

During this time, I also held a number of research posts, including working on a Wellcome-funded project exploring the working practices of internet-based sex workers and an internally-funded collaboration with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation to identify opportunities for post-industrial town labour markets. My research area has given me the opportunity to act in a voluntary capacity for sex work support and advocacy organisations, providing research support and outreach.

Research interests
  • Time
  • Temporal practices
  • Work and power
Research articles

Sanders, T., Connelly, L. J. and Jarvis-King, L. (2016). On Our Own Terms: The Working Conditions of Internet-Based Sex Workers in the UK. Sociological Research Online 21(4): 1-14.


‘The Uneven Adjustment to Homeworking Among UK Sex Workers’. Sociology Lens. Available at: