Associate Fellow
University of Strathclyde

Kendra was awarded a grant from the Digit Innovation Fund 2021 on The Care Necessities – Developing Inclusive Digital Technologies for Scotland’s Post Pandemic Social Care.


Kendra Briken is Senior Lecturer at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland. Kendra is a sociologist. Her work focusses on the material analysis of labour processes, new technologies at work, and implications for power and collectivism at work. Her Digit- project ‘The care necessities’ investigates the implementation of new technologies into Social Care during the pandemic, and the potential for workers’ voice. Her most recent project ‘Can AI ethics be embedded in the Industry 4 innovation lifecycle’ received funding from the UKRI/AHRC council. The project investigates into the perception of AI and its impact on work from AI/ML experts perspective.

Research interests
  • Digital technologies and participation
  • AI in Ethics and impacts on work
  • Labour process Analysis
Journal articles

Briken, K (2020) Welcome in the machine. Human-machine relations and knowledge capture. Capital & Class.

Briken, K. & Taylor, P. (2018). Beyond constrained choice – labour market coercion and oppressive work in Amazon fulfilment centres, Industrial Relations Journal, 49 (5-6). pp. 438-458.

Briken, K, Chillas, S., Krzywdzinski, M. & Marks, A. (2017) (eds.) The New Digital Workplace: How New Technologies Revolutionise Work. Basingstoke. Palgrave McMillan.

Book chapters

Briken, K. and MacKenzie, R. (2022) ‘Technology and the Organisation of Work’. In Martínez Lucio, M. and Robert MacKenzie, R. (eds) International Human Resource Management: The Transformation of Work in a Global Perspective. London. Sage. Chapter 14.

Briken, K, Chillas, S., Krzywdzinski, M. & Marks, A. (2017) Labour Process Theory and the new Digital Workplace. In Briken et al (eds). Basingstoke. Palgrave McMillan, p.1-20.

‘They all know how to use their phones at home!’ Normalising and undervaluing digital skills in complex social care work

Kendra Briken and colleagues on how the acquisition of new digital skills by social carers goes unrecognised, undervalued and unrewarded by managers.

£123,000 awarded in Digit Innovation Fund Round 2

28 July 2021

Projects awarded funding include research into the deployment of digital technologies in social care work and exploring disability, neurodiversity and remote working.