Associate Fellow
Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
+61 418875474

International Consortium for Research in Employment & Work (iCREW); Monash Business Digitalisation Research Network, Monash Business School; Monash Data Futures Institute, Monash University, Melbourne University.


Professor & Director, iCREW.

200+ publications; 20+ editorial boards.

Researches with private- and public-sector enterprises, unions and other organizations. International agencies (e.g. International Labour Organisation/United Nations) commission him to conduct projects.

Many grants, including from research councils. Employment-Relations projects include research on airlines, agriculture, building, chemicals, education, electronics, engineering, finance, health, hotels, infrastructure, mining, public sector, railways, restaurants, retailing, tourism, telecommunications and manufacturing.

Fellow of academies (e.g. Social Sciences Academies in Australia and in UK; Industrial/Employment Relations Associations in UK and USA). Visitor at leading universities (e.g. in the UK and USA).

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Research Interests
  • Industrial/Employment relations and human resources
  • International and comparative research
  • Organisational and technological change
  • Industry 4.0, data futures and digitalisation
  • Implications of AI, digital and other technologies for the future of work for managers and workers
  • Workplace dispute resolution
Journal articles

Does Modernizing Union Administrative Practice Promote or Hinder Union Revitalization? A Comparative Study of US, UK and Australian Unions

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Employee Voice, Intention to Quit, and Conflict Resolution: Evidence from Australia Van Gramberg, B., Teicher, J., Bamber, G.J., & Cooper, B., 2020.

Engaging professionals in sustainable workplace innovation: Medical doctors and institutional work Bartram, T., Stanton, P., Bamber, G.J., Leggat, S.G., Ballardie, R. & Gough, R. 2020.

HRM and workplace innovations: Formulating research questions Bamber, G.J., Bartram, T., & Stanton, P., 2017. ,

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High- and Low-Road Strategies for Competing on Costs and their Implications for Employment Relations: International Studies in the Airline Industry Gittell, J.H. & Bamber, G.J. 2010.

Strategic Choices in Pluralist and Unitarist Employment Relations Regimes: A Study of Australian Telecommunications Ross, P. & Bamber, G.J. 2009.

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Book chapters

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Policy publications

Various Activities and Press / Media publications including articles in The Conversation.

Bamber, G.J. & Lazes, P.M. 2014, Innovation and Change in Health Care: International Perspectives, Perspectives on Work (Periodical of the Labor & Employment Relations Association). (Illinois, vol. 18, no.1-2: pp. 72-75; 120-121).

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