With a background in Economics from Utrecht University (Netherlands) and practical experience in the automotive sector and political communication, I joined Leeds University Business School as a PhD researcher in 2017. Researching the interplay of employees’ fairness perceptions, shared values and union voice in the relationship between intra-workplace pay inequality and employee trust, my research takes an interdisciplinary approach merging labour economics, sociology of work and social psychology. I have also been involved in projects investigating the role and position of labour unions on climate change action, working time reduction and the role of values for climate policy support. My work is primarily of quantitative empirical nature, but I am also interested in mixed-methods approaches.

Research interests
  • Inequality and inequality perceptions
  • The interplay of technology, work, and inequality
  • Values
  • Socio-ecological transformation
Research articles

Schulz F, Valizade D and Charlwood C (2021) The effect of intra-workplace pay inequality on employee trust in managers: Assessing a multilevel moderated mediation effect model. Human Relations 00(0):1-29. 10.1177/0018726721994193

Researchers present at BUIRA conference 2022

30 June 2022

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