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University of Sussex Business School
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I am a Senior Lecturer in Operations Management. I teach on supply chain and operations management at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.  I am also the deputy course convenor for the University of Sussex Business School MBA programme.


I have published on digital manufacturing in the aerospace sector,  dynamic supply chain capabilities and local volunteerism in disaster relief situations. I received funding from the EPSRC to investigate how 3D printing in reconfiguring pharmaceutical supply chains; moving production closer to patients and consumers. I am the research leader for the Supply Chain 4.0 Research Hub at the University of Sussex Business School.

Research interests

My research interests are on how emerging technologies (3D printing, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence) are reconfiguring global supply chains.

Research articles

Roscoe S., Cousins, P., Handfield, R. (2019). “The Micro-Foundations of an Operational Capability in Digital Manufacturing “. Journal of Operations Management. Accepted May 14th, 2019

Roscoe, S., Eckstein, D., Blome, C., Goellner, M., (2019) “Determining how Internal and External Process Connectivity affect Supply Chain Agility: A life cycle theory perspective”. Production Planning and Control. Accepted March 20th, 2019

Roscoe, S.,  Subramanian, N., Jabbour C.J., (2019) “Green human resource management and the enablers of green organisational culture: enhancing a firm’s environmental performance for sustainable development.” Business Strategy and the Environment (accepted Jan 12th, 2019)

Aslam, H., Blome, C., Roscoe, S. Azhar, T., (2018) “Dynamic supply chain capabilities: How market sensing, supply chain agility and adaptability affect supply chain ambidexterity” International Journal of Operations and Production Management 38(12) pp. 2266-2285

Gunesse, S., Subramanian, N., Roscoe, S., (2018) “The social preferences of local citizens and spontaneous volunteerism during disaster relief operations” International Journal of Production Research 56(21) pp 6793-6808

Roscoe, S., and Blome, C. (2018) “Understanding the emergence of redistributed manufacturing: an ambidexterity perspective” Production Planning and Control

Planned research

Aslam, H., Blome, C., Roscoe, S. (revise and resubmit) “The Antecedents of Dynamic supply chain capabilities: the role of entrepreneurial orientation and supply chain learning” Supply Chain Management: an International Journal – Due for Publication Sept 30th, 2019

Hamid, M., Roscoe, S., Ghadgi A. (under review) Drivers and Barriers of buyer-supplier collaboration during Additive Manufacturing’s adoption and implementation. Production Planning and Control – Due for Publication Sept 30th, 2019

Blome, C., Chevalier, P., Roscoe, S. (under review) “Social Interactions on E-commerce Platforms: How word-of-mouth and observational learning affect the contractual relationship between an advertiser and e-commerce platform provider” Management Science – Due for Publication Sept 30th, 2020

Roscoe, S. and Subramanian, N (under review) Sustainable Sales and Operations Planning: a life cycle theory perspective”. Journal of Business Ethics

Roscoe, S., Basu, J., Subramanian, N., Gunesse, S. (under review) “Digital Volunteerism During Disaster Relief Operations”. Target Journal: Production and Operations Management

Public engagements

Cass Business School – Lecture to South Korean Delegation from UNIST – subject Supply Chain 4.0