I am Associate Professor in Work and Employment Relations at the University of Leeds. My research interests include paid and unpaid work; gender; agency; materialist feminism; collective organising; political economy; the body; disability; sex work and social struggles. My work has been widely published academically and disseminated through radio and news media. I co-authored a monograph with Teela Sanders, entitled ‘Flexible Workers: labour, regulation and the political economy of stripping industry’ and I have published widely in academic journals including Work, Employment and Society; British Journal of Sociology; Environment and Planning D: Society and Space; Globalizations and others. I am committed to developing methodologies which work alongside research participants, in order to undertake socially and politically transformative research.

Research interests
  • Gender
  • Informal work
  • Self-employment
  • Sex work
Research articles

Cohen, R., Hardy, K and Valdez, Z. (2018) ‘Introduction to the Special Issue, Everyday Self-Employment’ American Behavioural Scientist

Hardy, K. and Cruz, K (2018) ‘Affective organising: organising self-employed sex workers in Argentina’. American Behavioural Scientist

Alberti, G., Bessa, I, Hardy, K, Trappmann, V and Umney, C. (2018) ‘In, against and beyond precarity: work in insecure times’ Work, Employment and Society

Gillespie, T, Hardy, K and Watt, P (2018) ‘Austerity Urbanism and Olympic Counter-legacies: Gendering, Defending and Expanding the Urban Commons in East London’ Environment and Planning D: Society and Space:

Planned research working papers and delivery date

Employment and displacement in austerity London (January 2020)

Towards a Red Feminist Horizon (May 2020)

Institutional experimentation and sex worker rights in Latin America (January 2021)