Co-Lead, Mid- and Early-Career Researcher Stream and Co-Lead, Research Theme 3: Employers’ and Employees’ Experiences of Digital Work Across Sectors
University of Sussex Business School
+44 (0)7846 496601

I am a Reader in Information Systems at the University of Sussex and a Subject Group Lead for the Operations and Technology Management Group in the Department of Management.


My background is in organisation studies, information systems and Science and Technology Studies (STS). I am generally interested in the ways in which digital technology is implicated in discourses about organisational change specifically in the context of healthcare. Specifically, I am interested in understanding how digital technology shapes professionals’ work and identity (e.g. doctors, nurses, community pharmacists etc.) as it challenges their power and authority. I also study the ways in which technology generates new forms of work – for instance moderation work – in the healthcare platform economy.

I am currently involved in two research projects that look into how digitalisation produces discourses about health citizenship and patient activism. I examine these questions in two non-profit health platforms, Care Opinion and MedicineAfrica.

Research interests
  • Digital health citizenship and activism
  • Moderation work in the health platform economy
  • The role of health platforms in the generation of social value
Research articles

Chamakiotis, P., Petrakaki, D. & Panteli, N. (2021). Creating social value in online communities through digital activism. Research Outreach.

Chamakiotis, P., Petrakaki, D. & Panteli, N. (2021) Social value creation through digital health activism in an online health community. Information Systems Journal, 31(1), pp. 94-119.

Chamakiotis, P., Panteli, N. & Petrakaki, D. (2020). ‘The hidden mechanisms for online community growth’. LSE Business Review

Petrakaki, D., Hilberg, E. and Waring, J. (2018) Between empowerment and self-discipline: governing patients’ conduct through technological self-care. Social Science and Medicine, vol.213, pp.146-153

Petrakaki, Dimitra (2018) ‘Re-locating Accountability through Technology: From Bureaucratic to Electronic Ways of Governing Public Sector Work’. International Journal of Public Sector Management. vol.31, no.1., pp.31-45

Planned Research working papers and delivery date

Social value creation and digital patient activism (March, 2020)

Digital health citizenship (June, 2020)

Moderation work as care work (March 2021)