Co-Lead, Mid- and Early-Career Researcher Stream and Co-Lead, Research Theme 3: Employers’ and Employees’ Experiences of Digital Work Across Sectors
University of Sussex Business School
+44 (0)7846 496601

I am Professor of Technology and Organisation and Deputy Head of the Department of Management at the University of Sussex Business School.


My background is in organisation studies, information systems and Science and Technology Studies (STS). I am generally interested in the ways in which digital technology is implicated in discourses about organisational change specifically in the context of healthcare. Specifically, I am interested in understanding how digital technology shapes professionals’ work and identity (e.g. doctors, nurses, community pharmacists etc.) as it challenges their power and authority. I also study the ways in which technology generates new forms of work – for instance moderation work – in the healthcare platform economy.

I am currently involved in two research projects that look into how digitalisation produces discourses about health citizenship and patient activism. I examine these questions in two non-profit health platforms, Care Opinion and MedicineAfrica.

Research interests
  • Digital health citizenship and activism
  • Moderation work in the health platform economy
  • The role of health platforms in the generation of social value

Recent journal articles

Where Automated Interviews Fall Short

Jaser, Z., Petrakaki, D., Starr, R., Oyarbide-Magaña, E. (2022) Harvard Business Review

After-hours connectivity management strategies in academic work

Aljabr, N., Chamakiotis, P., Petrakaki, D., Newell, S. (2021), New technology, Work and Employment

Social value creation through digital health activism in an online health community

Chamakiotis, P. Petrakaki, D. & Panteli, N.(2021), Information Systems Journal

Recent policy publications

Other publications

Chamakiotis, P., Panteli, N. & Petrakaki, D. (2020) ‘The hidden mechanisms for online community growth‘ LSE Business Review

Petrakaki, D., Hilberg, E. and Waring, J. (2018) Between empowerment and self-discipline: governing patients’ conduct through technological self-care. Social Science and Medicine, vol.213, pp.146-153

Petrakaki, Dimitra (2018) ‘Re-locating Accountability through Technology: From Bureaucratic to Electronic Ways of Governing Public Sector Work’. International Journal of Public Sector Management. vol.31, no.1., pp.31-45

Planned Research working papers and delivery date

Social value creation and digital patient activism (March, 2020)

Digital health citizenship (June, 2020)

Moderation work as care work (March 2021)