Associate Fellow
University of Strathclyde Business School

Daria was awarded a grant from the Digit Innovation Fund 2021 on Virtually the same thing as in-person internships? Mapping the virtual internship landscape and exploring intern and employer experience in the UK and Italy


I am a Lecturer at the Department of Work, Employment and Organisation at Strathclyde Business School. My background is in economics, area studies and employment research.

Prior to taking up my current role, I was a Research Fellow at the Institute for Employment Research, University of Warwick, and an Early Career Fellow of the Warwick Institute of Advanced Study.

Research interests
  • Graduate transitions to employment
  • The ‘graduate labour market’, including the SME context
  • Skill development and skill utilisation
  • Mixed methods research approaches
Research Articles

Okay-Somerville, B., Allison, I., Luchinskaya, D., & Scholarios, D. (2020). Disentangling the impact of social disadvantage on ‘becoming employable’: evidence from STEM student university-to-work transitions. Studies in Higher Education, 1-15.

Luchinskaya, D., & Dickinson, P. (2019). ‘Virtuous’ and ‘vicious’ circles?’ Adults’ participation in different types of training in the UK and its association with wages. Social Inclusion, 7(3), 177-201.

Eikhof, D. R., Newsinger, J., Luchinskaya, D., & Aidley, D. (2019). And… action? Gender, knowledge and inequalities in the UK screen industries. Gender, Work and Organization, 26(6), 840-859.

Book chapters

Tzanakou, C., Cattani, L., Luchinskaya, D. & Pedrini, G. (2021). How do internships undertaken during higher education affect graduates’ labour market outcomes in Italy and the United Kingdom? In A. Stewart, R. Owens, N, O’Higgins & A. Hewitt (Eds.). Internships, Employability and the Search for Decent Work Experience. Edward Elgar.

Policy publications

Barnes, S. A., Bimrose, J., Owen, D., Wilson, R., Luchinskaya, D., Attwell, G., & Rustemeier, P. (2020). Developing and enhancing a labour market information database: LMI for All: stakeholder engagement and usage, data and technical developments (2018-2019). Report (January). London: DfE.

Baldauf, B., & Luchinskaya, D. (2019). Graduate choices in post-education jobs and careers: a literature review. Report (May). London: DfE.

Luchinskaya, D., & Dickinson, P. (2019). The adult skills gap: is falling investment in UK adults stalling social mobility?. London: Social Mobility Commission.

Warhurst, C. & Luchinskaya, D. (2018). Skills utilisation: Definition, theories, approaches and measures. Background paper for European Company Survey 2019, WPEF18048. Dublin: Eurofound.

CAMEo. (2018). Workforce Diversity in the UK Screen Sector: Evidence Review. Report (March). CAMEo Research Institute: Leicester.

£123,000 awarded in Digit Innovation Fund Round 2

28 July 2021

Projects awarded funding include research into the deployment of digital technologies in social care work and exploring disability, neurodiversity and remote working.