Co-Lead, Research Theme 2: Employers’ Digital Practices at Work Survey
University of Leeds

I am a Lecturer in Quantitative Methods at Leeds University Business School.


With a background in economics and nearly a decade-long career in trade unions, I joined the Faculty in 2012 first as a doctoral candidate and then as a full-time academic member of staff in 2014. My Ph.D. thesis was an empirical enquiry into challenges and opportunities posed to trade unions by the rise of contingent employment in segmented labour markets. I have been involved in numerous research projects exploring the demand side of active labour market policies, trade union learning agenda and training provision in the workplace. I have recently completed two research projects looking at diversity and career progression in the legal profession and the social protection of workers in the platform (on-demand) economy. I am currently working on the NIHR funded project investigating the relationship between care home staffing and quality of care. I sit on the editorial board of Work, Employment and Society (4*ABS) and on the executive committee of the British Universities Industrial Relations Association (BUIRA).

Research interests
  • Quality of working lives
  • Human resources analytics
  • Quantitative social sciences, machine learning, artificial intelligence
  • Inequality, diversity, trade unions

Recent Publications

Journal articles

Other publications

Journal articles

Tomlinson, J., Valizade, D., Muzio, D., Charlwood, A. and Aulakh, S. (2019). Privileges and penalties in the legal profession: An intersectional analysis of career progression. British Journal of Sociology, 70(3): 1043-1066.

Joyce, S., Stuart, M., Forde, C. and Valizade, D. (2019). Work and social protection in the platform economy in Europe. Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations25.

Ogbonnaya, C. and Valizade, D. (2018). High performance work practices, employee outcomes and organizational performance: a 2-1-2 multilevel mediation analysis. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 29(2): 239-259.

Ingold, J. and Valizade, D. (2017). Employers’ recruitment of disadvantaged groups: exploring the effect of active labour market programme agencies as labour market intermediaries. Human Resource Management Journal, 27(4): 530-547.

Working papers

Valizade, D., Ingold, J. and Stuart, M. Employer participation in active labour market policies in the United Kingdom and Denmark: the effect of employer associations as social networks and the mediating role of collective bargaining. Target journal: Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society.

Bessa, I., Charlwood, A.  and Valizade, D. Do unions cause job dissatisfaction? Evidence from a quasi-experiment. (under review in British Journal of Industrial Relations).

Valizade, D., Tomlinson, J., Muzio, D., Charlwood, A. and Aulakh, S. Gender, ethnicity and permeability of career pathways in the legal profession. Target journal: Human Relations.

Valizade, D., Cook, H., MacKenzie, R. and Forde, C. The anatomy of pay rises in unionised workplaces before and after the Great Recession. (target journal: Industrial and Labor Relations Review)

Valizade, D., Cook, H., MacKenzie, R. and Forde, C. Organizational adoption of High Performance Work Systems (HPWS): Contesting the monopoly face of trade unions. (target journal: Human Resource Management Journal).

Policy publications

Forde, C., Stuart, M., Joyce, S., Oliver, L., Valizade, D., Alberti, G., Hardy, K., Trappmann, V., Umney, C. and Carson, C. (2017). The Social Protection of Workers in the Platform Economy

Aulakh, S., Charlwood, A., Muzio, D., Tomlinson, J. and Valizade, D. (2017). Mapping advantages and disadvantages: Diversity in the legal profession in England and Wales. Research report. Solicitors Regulation Authority

Predictive analytics and data science: A guide for HR analytics leaders HR Analytics Think Tank (2019).

Planned Research working papers and delivery date

Using predictive analytics to understand the effect of staffing skills mix on quality of care in care homes. March 2020

Occupational polarisation and longitudinal trajectories of intrinsic and extrinsic attributes of job qualit. July 2020