Leading researcher in the field of remote and agile working, researching the impact of technology on work life balance, job effectiveness and wellbeing. Co-author of the book Agile Working and Wellbeing in the Digital Age. Development of new psychometric scales: E-Work Life and E-Wellbeing Scales measuring remote workers quality of life and wellbeing. Currently developing a new digital resilience competency framework for remote e-workers. Widely published and recently contributed to Government POST survey during COVID-19 on work related issues.

Research interests
  • Remote e-working
  • Agile working
  • e-competencies
  • Digital resilience
  • Psychometric scale development
Research Articles

Tramontano, C., Grant, C.A., Clarke, C., (2021 accepted in proof). Development and validation of the e-Work Self-Efficacy Scale to assess digital competencies in remote working.  Computers & Human Behaviour Reports

Charalampous M., Grant, C.A., Tramontano (2021 accepted in revisions). “It needs to be the right blend”: A qualitative exploration of remote e-workers’ experience and well-being at work. Employee Relations

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Charalampous M., Grant, C.A., Tramontano, C., & Michailidis, E. (2018). Systematically Reviewing Remote E-workers’ Well-being at Work: A Multi-dimensional Approach. Journal of European Work and Organisational Psychology DOI: 10.1080/1359432X.2018.1541886

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