Chris was awarded a grant from the Digit Innovation Fund 2021 on Disability, neurodiversity, and remote e-working: Promoting the creation of an inclusive workplace. ‘Remote for All’.


Leading researcher in the field of remote and agile working, researching the impact of technology on work life balance, job effectiveness and wellbeing. Co-author of the book Agile Working and Wellbeing in the Digital Age. Development of new psychometric scales: E-Work Life and E-Wellbeing Scales measuring remote workers quality of life and wellbeing. Currently developing a new digital resilience competency framework for remote e-workers. Widely published and recently contributed to Government POST survey during COVID-19 on work related issues.

Research interests
  • Remote e-working
  • Agile working
  • e-competencies
  • Digital resilience
  • Psychometric scale development
Research Articles

Tramontano, C., Grant, C.A., Clarke, C., (2021 accepted in proof). Development and validation of the e-Work Self-Efficacy Scale to assess digital competencies in remote working.  Computers & Human Behaviour Reports

Charalampous M., Grant, C.A., Tramontano (2021 accepted in revisions). “It needs to be the right blend”: A qualitative exploration of remote e-workers’ experience and well-being at work. Employee Relations

Kinman, G & Grant, C. (2020) Presenteeism during the COVID-19 pandemic: risks and solutions. Occupational Medicine https://doi:10.1093/occmed/kqaa193

Grant, C.A.Wallace, L.M.Spurgeon, P.C.Tramontano, C. and Charalampous, M. (2018), “Construction and initial validation of the E-Work Life Scale to measure remote e-working”, Employee Relations, Vol. 41 No. 1, pp. 16-33.

Charalampous M., Grant, C.A., Tramontano, C., & Michailidis, E. (2018). Systematically Reviewing Remote E-workers’ Well-being at Work: A Multi-dimensional Approach. Journal of European Work and Organisational Psychology DOI: 10.1080/1359432X.2018.1541886

Grant, C.A., Wallace L.M. and Spurgeon P. C. (2013). An exploration of the psychological factors affecting remote e-worker’s job effectiveness, well-being and work-life balance. Employee Relations, 5, 35 .


Grant, Christine, Russell, Emma Eds. (2020). Agile Working and Well-Being in the Digital Age. Palgrave Macmillan

£123,000 awarded in Digit Innovation Fund Round 2

28 July 2021

Projects awarded funding include research into the deployment of digital technologies in social care work and exploring disability, neurodiversity and remote working.