Associate Fellow
University of Sussex Business School

I’m a lecturer in Information Systems at the University of Sussex Business School. I hold a PhD in Information systems from Royal Holloway University of London, and Msc in Business Information Systems from Middlesex University, London.

Research Interests
  • Digital platform employment in the global south
  • Technology entrepreneurship in the circular economy
  • Technology diffusion
  • Adoption and usage in emerging economies
  • Understanding the practices emerging in the adoption of technology and new ways of working in the global south.

Recent journal articles

Crowdwork as an elevator of human capital – a Sustainable Human Development perspective

Elbanna, A. and Idowu, A. (2021) Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems

Other publications

Research articles

Idowu, A., & Elbanna, A. (2020). Digital platforms of work and the crafting of career path: The crowdworkers’ perspective. Information Systems Frontier. DOI: 10.1007/s10796-020-10036-1

Idowu, A., & Elbanna, A. (Accepted).  ‘I just happen to meet my clients on the Internet’ Crowdworkers, their work identity and the shaping of work conduct in context. Information and Organization.

Book chapters

Idowu, A., & Elbanna, A. (2020). Institutionalising crowdwork as a mode of employment: The case of crowdworkers in Nigeria. In Mitev N., Aroles J., Stephenson K., Malaurent J. (Eds.). New Ways of Working: Organizations and Organizing in the Digital Age. Palgrave.

Idowu, A., & Elbanna, A. (2019). Bright ICT and Unbounded Employment: Typology of Crowdworkers and Their Lived and Envisaged Career Trajectory in Nigeria. In Dwivedi, Y., Ayaburi, E., Boateng, R., Effah, J. (Eds.) ICT Unbounded, Social Impact of Bright ICT Adoption. Springer.