Honorary Research Fellow & Chair of the Advisory Board
Visiting Professor, University of Chester

I worked in research management for the Equal Opportunities Commission (1988-2007) and the Equality and Human Rights Commission (2007-2020). I retired in November 2020. I have been a Visiting Professor at the University of Chester since 2017.

Research Interests
  • Equality and human rights, especially religion or belief equality and gender equality.
  • The politics and history of The Gambia.
Research articles
  • ‘Religion or Belief, Equality and Human Rights Law and the Media”, in R. Sandberg, N. Doe, B. Kane and C. Roberts (eds.), Handbook of the Interdisciplinary Study of Law and Religion (Edward Elgar, 2019), 260-85 (with Simon Perfect)
  • ‘Reflections on Religion or Belief as an Equality Issue and a Human Right”, in D. Llewellyn and S. Sharma (eds.), Religion, Equalities and Inequalities (Routledge, 2016), 210-21.
  • ‘The Gambian 2016 Presidential Election and its Aftermath’, The Round Table, 106, 3 (2017): 323-37.
  • A Political History of The Gambia, 1816-1994 (Unversity of Rochester Press, 2006) (with Arnold Hughes).
  • Historical Dictionary of The Gambia (4th edn) (Scarecrow Press, 2008) (with Arnold Hughes)
  • Historical Dictionary of The Gambia (5th edn) (Rowman & Littlefield, 2016)