Research Fellow
University of Sussex Business School

My background is in Economics and Statistics. I am interested in analysing the interrelations between an increasing degree of digitalisation and automation, firm dynamics (such as location choices and productivity performance), regional disparities, and the impact for labour markets.

Research Interests
  • Digitalisation and Firm Performance
  • Regional Economic Development
  • Economic Inequality and Implications for the Labour Market
  • Big Data and Methodology
Research articles

The Effects of Absorptive Capacity on Innovation Performance: A Cross-Country Perspective, with R. Harris and J. Moffat, forthcoming, Journal of Common Market Studies.

Knowledge and Earnings – A Regional Economic Analysis for the German Economy, Conference Proceedings of the Regional Science Association (2015), 106-108.

Adjustment Dynamics of Countries’ Specialization Patterns in the European Union, Applied Economics Letters (2014), 21, 671-674.

Working Papers

The Benefits of Remoteness – Digital Mobility Data, Road Infrastructure, and COVID-19 Infections, with H. Strulik (2020).

Robots, Reshoring, and the Lot of Low-Skilled Workers, with K. Prettner and H. Strulik, GLO discussion paper (2020).

Quantifying Reshoring at the Macroeconomic Level – Measurement and Applications, with H. Strulik (2019).

Stay or Go? Relocation decisions of German Manufacturing Plants (2019).

What drives the location choice of manufacturing firms between East and West Germany? (2019).

The Gender Gap in International Trade – Female-run firms and the Exporter Productivity Premium (2019).

Firm heterogeneity, productivity, and the extensive margins of trade – Differences between manufacturing firms in East and West Germany (2019).

Menstruation Hygiene Management and Work Attendance in a Developing Country, with H. Strulik (2018).

A Macroeconomic Measure for Reshoring and a Note on the Offshoring-Reshoring Nexus (2018)

A Stata Code for computing a distance-based Firm-Level Cluster Index (2018).

Blog articles & media

Blog articles:

‘LSE Business Review’: Industrial robots are bringing jobs back home, but not for low-skilled workers

‘Royal Economic Society Blog’: Industrial robots are bringing jobs back home, but not for low-skilled workers

In the media:

‘The Daily Telegraph’: Women fare better than men when it comes to beating the rise of the robots

‘Harvard Business Manager’: Reshoring: Von Fachkraeften und Robotern

‘Business Day‘: Trump‘s job plan would benefit robots

‘Global Economic Dynamics Blog, Bertelsmann Stiftung’: What is the Impact of Reshoring? Will Digitalization bring jobs back to developed countries?

‘Der Spiegel’: Einmal China und zurueck