Associate Fellow
Ruhr University Bochum (RUB)

I have recently started a position as Professor of Economics at Ruhr University Bochum (RUB) in the Department of Economics.

Before, I was a Research Fellow at the Digital Futures at Work Research Centre at the University of Sussex. I did my PhD in Economics at the University of Goettingen, and studied Economics and Statistics at the University of Bielefeld and at Purdue University. I was a Marie Curie Junior Research Fellow at Durham University and a visiting researcher at Monash University, College of William and Mary, and the Universite de Fribourg.

In my research, I am interested in analysing the interrelations between an increasing degree of digitalisation and automation (robots, AI), and firm dynamics (such as location choices and productivity performance), I am conducting Big Data analyses and I am analysing the Gig economy, regional disparities, innovation, the impact for labour markets, economic inequality, and international trade.

Research Interests
  • Digitalisation, Robots, Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data and Methodology
  • Gig economy
  • Economic Inequality and Implications for the Labour Market
  • Firm Performance, Regional Economic Development, and Innovation

Recent journal articles

Automation and the Fall and Rise of the Servant Economy

Krenz, A., Strulik, H. (2022) Online -

Robots, Reshoring, and the Lot of Low-Skilled Workers

Krenz, A., Prettner, K., Strulik, H. (2021), European Economic Review

Other publications

Journal articles

Robots, Reshoring, and the Lot of Low-Skilled Workers, 2021, with K. Prettner and H. Strulik, European Economic Review.

Quantifying Reshoring at the Macroeconomic Level – Measurement and Applications, 2021, with H. Strulik, Growth and Change.

The Benefits of Remoteness – Digital Mobility Data, Regional Road Infrastructure, and COVID-19 Infections, 2021, with H. Strulik, German Economic Review.

The Impact of Menstruation Hygiene Management on Work Absenteeism of Women in Burkina Faso, 2021, with H. Strulik, Economics and Human Biology.

Unsupervised Document Classification integrating Web Scraping, One-Class SVM and LDA Topic Modelling, 2021, with B. Saefken, A. Thielmann, C. Weisser, Journal of Applied Statistics.

One-Class Support Vector Machine and LDA Topic Model Integration – Evidence for AI Patents, 2021, with A. Thielmann and C. Weisser, Studies in Computational Intelligence 981, Soft Computing: Biomedical and Related Applications, Editors N.H. Phuong, V. Kreinovich, Springer Nature.

The Effects of Absorptive Capacity on Innovation Performance – A Cross-Country Perspective, 2020, with R. Harris and J. Moffat, Journal of Common Market Studies.

Blog articles & media

Blog articles:

Royal Economic Society Blog, 2021: Regional Road Infrastructure and Location Choices of Plants – Evidence from Germany

‘LSE Business Review’: Industrial robots are bringing jobs back home, but not for low-skilled workers

‘Royal Economic Society Blog’: Industrial robots are bringing jobs back home, but not for low-skilled workers

In the media:

Ostsee-Zeitung, 2021: MV hinkt bei der Digitalisierung hinterher

The Daily Telegraph, 2019: Women fare better than men when it comes to beating the rise of the robots

Harvard Business Manager, 2019: Reshoring: Von Fachkraeften und Robotern

Business Day, 2019: Trump‘s job plan would benefit robots

Global Economic Dynamics Blog, 2019, Bertelsmann Stiftung: What is the Impact of Reshoring? Will Digitalization bring jobs back to developed countries?

Der Spiegel, 2018: China war eine Fehlentscheidung

Digit researchers at the SASE 2022 conference

26 July 2022

Digit researchers discussed their work at the SASE cofnerence, 9-11 July 2022 in Amsterdam.