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agiLab is a collaboration between academics and practitioners to develop more flexible ways of meeting the needs of workers, patients and society.

‘Walsmart’: when AI hits the shop floor

A new AI-hiring system at Walmart was designed to speed up recruitment and reduce bias, but would hiring managers be willing to put their faith in the AI to choose the right person for the job?

After-hours connectivity management strategies in academic work

Emerging literature has identified a range of strategies that professionals develop in order to manage after-hours connectivity to work, but it has largely treated those strategies as being independent from each other. Existing research has not captured the dynamic nature of connectivity or how this may facilitate the redrawing [...]

Agile Working and Well-Being in the Digital Age

Within the digital era, agile working is imperative for organisations and workers to meet the needs of customers, service-users and ever-changing markets. This needs to be achieved whilst meeting goals of effectiveness and well-being. In this book, state-of-the-art theory is used to understand how to optimise agile working by [...]

Music Creators’ Earnings in the Streaming Era

This related project seeks to provide objective evidence regarding the degree to which music streaming is providing fair payments to music creators of various kinds. Funded by Research England QR Special Projects Fund and the UK Intellectual Property Office.

The Cultural Industries

An undisputed classic, the Fourth Edition of this bestselling media studies text offers an unparalleled analysis of the cultural industries. Bringing together a huge range of research, theory and key concepts, David Hesmondhalgh provides an accessible yet critical exploration of cultural production and consumption in the global media landscape. [...]

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