The Employers’ Digital Practices at Work Survey is a nationally representative survey of employers’ adoption and use of new digital technologies, including AI and machine-learning.

The first wave of the survey was conducted between November 2021 and June 2022.  Findings have been published in a repot: Employers’ Digital Practices at Work: First Findings.

The survey explores:

  • Use of traditional information and communication technology (ICT)
  • Employers’ use of new artificial intelligence and machine-learning enabled technologies
  • Employers’ use of data analytics
  • Workforce staffing and human resource management practices
  • Employee involvement and representation


  • Interviews with 2,001 general managers, managing directors or HR managers within their respective organisations
  • The sample is nationally representative, reflecting the population of UK businesses, dominated by services industries and small and medium-sized enterprises

Research outputs

Employers’ Digital Practices at Work Survey: First Findings

Mark Stuart, Danat Valizade, Felix Schulz, Brendan Burchell, Richard Dickens and Jacqueline O'Reilly (2023)

Missing Data: Understanding UK firms’ investment in and use of new digital technologies at work

18 May 2023

This Data Commentary examines the limitations of existing employer-level datasets for policymakers attempting to navigate the digital transformation of work.

Employers’ use of AI: six key charts

4 July 2023

Six charts that illustrate key findings from our new report: Employers' Digital Practices at Work Survey: First Findings.