Digital automation and the future of work

David Spencer, Matt Cole, Simon Joyce, Xanthe Whittaker and Mark Stuart of the Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds, UK, at the request of the Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA) and managed by the Scientific Foresight Unit, within the Directorate-General for Parliamentary Research Services (EPRS) of the Secretariat of the European Parliament.

Publication Type: Policy publications|Publication Year: 2021|Topic: Digital automation

The Social Protection of Workers in the Platform Economy

Forde, C., M. Stuart, S. Joyce, L. Oliver, D. Valizade, G. Alberti, K. Hardy, V. Trappman, C. Umney and C. Carson with J. Katja and G. Yordanova (2017). European Parliament, Directorate General for Internal Policies, Policy Department A: Economic and Scientific Policy, 125pp

Publication Types: Featured publications, Policy publications, Working papers|Publication Year: 2017|Topic: Platforms