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Introduction to the Special Issue, Everyday Self-Employment

A “partial renaissance” of self-employment in labor markets of the global North has attracted policy concern within national, supranational, and global arenas, yet sociological thought has been somewhat slower to respond to this phenomenon. In response, this special issue focuses on everyday self-employment among workers drawn from countries across the [...]

‘Bias in, Bias out’: gender equality and the future of work debate

The future of work debate is cast with the certainty that technology-driven change is inevitable as numerous pundits profiteer from predicting the future. Among the many books, conferences, workshops and consultancy reports, there is a notable silence regarding the impact on gender. The aim of this article is to present [...]

Green human resource management and the enablers of green organisational culture: Enhancing a firm’s environmental performance for sustainable development

Scholars have shown that green human resource management (GHRM) practices enhance a firm's environmental performance. However, existing studies fail to explain how GHRM initiatives can enable a green organisational culture or how such a culture affects the environmental performance and sustainable development of the firm. This paper examines the [...]

A Gender Lens on the future of work

Predicting the gender effects of the next phase of technological change is complex. Potential mass job displacement, as predicted by some of the most quoted analysts, could be expected to put gender equality gains at risk, with women again encouraged to focus more on unpaid work, as happened after the [...]

Youth Labor in Transition: Inequalities, Mobility and Policies in Europe

Exacerbated by the Great Recession, youth transitions to employment and adulthood have become increasingly protracted, precarious, and differentiated by gender, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. Youth Labor in Transition examines young people's integration into employment, alongside the decisions and consequences of migrating to find work and later returning home. The [...]

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