The results are in: The UK’s four-day week pilot

Autonomy (2023), The UK’s four-day week pilot

In collaboration with a major trial of the four-day week in the UK, run by the 4 Day Week Campaign, Digit researchers Professor Brendan Burchell and Dr David Frayne have investigated how such changes can be implemented practically and equitably – and by a broader range of industries.

This report details the full findings of the world’s largest four-day working week trial to date, comprising 61 companies and around 2,900 workers, that took place in the UK from June to December 2022.


Autonomy team

  • Kyle Lewis
  • Will Stronge
  • Jack Kellam
  • Lukas Kikuchi

Quantitative research team

  • Professor Juliet Schor, Boston College
  • Professor Wen Fan, Boston College
  • Professor Orla Kelly, University College Dublin
  • Guolin Gu, Boston College

Qualitative research team

  • Dr David Frayne, University of Cambridge
  • Prof. Brendan Burchell, University of Cambridge
  • Niamh Bridson Hubbard, University of Cambridge
  • Jon White, University of Cambridge
  • Dr Daiga Kamarāde, University of Salford
  • Francisca Mullens, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

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