Making Light Work: An End to Toil in the Twenty-First Century

Spencer, D.A

Is work a primordial curse? Or a spiritual calling? Or is it a tedious necessity that technology will abolish, freeing us to indulge lives of leisure?

In this book David A. Spencer argues that work is only an alienating burden because of the nature of work under capitalism. He makes the case not for the abolition of work – which can remain a source of meaning and dignity – but for its lightening. Engaging with thinkers ranging from Marx and William Morris to Keynes and Graeber, he rejects the idea that high-quality work can only be open to a few while the majority are condemned to menial tasks, and sets out an agenda for shortening the working week while also making work a site of creativity, usefulness and joy for all.

This erudite book sets out a compelling agenda for radical change. It’s essential reading for anyone interested in the future of their work.

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