Human-centred approach to increasing workplace productivity: Evidence from Asia

Fang Lee Cooke and Nikolai Rogovsky (2023), ILO

Productivity, broadly defined as a measure of how efficiently resources are used (ILO, n.d.(a)), is one of the key priorities for the ILO, which has a long-standing interest in productivity studies, as reflected, for example, in its cooperation with the Asian productivity movement since the 1960s (ILO 1965). A great deal of effort has been invested by the ILO in helping governments to develop policies on productivity and in assisting regional and national productivity councils and organizations, many of which have a tripartite governance structure (Ramkissoon 2020). Productivity has also been one of the principal topics on the ILO’s research agenda. This book presents findings from one of the most recent ILO research projects on productivity, which focused on four Asian countries, and identifies avenues for future research at the national, regional and global levels.

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