HR Analytics: Why HR is set to fail the Big Data challenge

Angrave, D., A. Charlwood, I. Kirkpatrick, M. Lawrence and M. Stuart (2016). Human Resource Management Journal, 26(1): 1-11

The HR world is abuzz with talk of big data and the transformative potential of HR analytics. This article takesissue with optimistic accounts, which hail HR analytics as amust havecapability that will ensure HRs futureas a strategic management function while transforming organisational performance for the better. It arguesthat unless the HR profession wises up to both the potential and drawbacks of this emerging field and engagesoperationally and strategically to develop better methods and approaches, it is unlikely that existing practicesof HR analytics will deliver transformational change. Indeed, it is possible that current trends will seal theexclusion of HR from strategic, board-level influence while doing little to benefit organisations and activelydamaging the interests of employees.

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