Blockchain and Supply Chain Logistics: Evolutionary Case Studies

Nachiappan Subramanian, Atanu Chaudhuri, Yaşanur Kayıkcı (2020), Palgrave Macmillan

This book introduces blockchain technology applications in supply chains. Blockchain is a relatively new tool, nevertheless, there have been considerable advances over the last five years, and blockchain is now poised to revolutionize the conventional supply chains with the offering of accountability and quality to the wider complex supply networks.

Based on literature reviews and original research, this book serves as an essential introduction to blockchain and its applications in supply chain. The unique features of the book are empirical studies to demonstrate the application of blockchain technology in food, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation and retail sectors. Each chapter includes research framework and open research questions. Simple narration of concept and detailed insights from primary research information. Use case narrative will provoke the readers to demystify the myths in application of concepts in the supply chain . Overall, the book demystifies blockchain technology, reviews evolution and outlines its future applications by blending contents to meet the expectations of both academic and practice community.

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