Prof. Debra Howcroft

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Automation and the future of work: A social shaping of technology approach

Recent years have seen enormous attention paid to automation and its potential implications for the future of work. This study rejects unhelpful speculation and, instead, poses the question ‘what is shaping automation and its predicted effects?’ In contrast to the technological determinism framing much of the current debate, this [...]

New technology, trade unions and the future: not quite the end of organised labour

This paper outlines different dimensions and historical features of the debate regarding worker organisations and the question of new technology at work. There has always been a tension between pessimistic views that highlight the difficulties established trade unions have had when responding to the use of new technologies by [...]

Exploring Inequalities in Platform-Based Legal Work

The aim of this chapter is to examine the neglected area of platform work and inequalities. Drawing on Acker’s theoretical frame of inequality regimes, this study investigates whether platform work reproduces and/or augments inequalities. Extant research on platforms has focused predominantly on lesser-skilled work based on repetitive transactions; in [...]

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