Prof. Andy Charlwood

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Workshop: How will AI shape the future of HR?

Discussions focused on applications and challenges of AI within the HR domain, the consequences for HR tasks and responsibilities, the required skills and knowledge, and the influence on value creation by HR professionals.

Can HR adapt to the paradoxes of artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is widely heralded as a new and revolutionary technology that will transform the world of work. While the impact of AI on human resource (HR) and people management is difficult to predict, the article considers potential scenarios for how AI will affect our field. We argue [...]

HRM and the COVID-19 pandemic: How can we stop making a bad situation worse?

This provocation argues that the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed deep labour market inequalities. Partially underpinning these inequalities are human resource management (HRM) theories and practices which encourage and legitimise the commodification of labour. Workers whose jobs have been commodified have suffered disproportionately during the pandemic. While HRM is not [...]

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