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Leapfrog logistics: digital trucking platforms, infrastructure, and labor in Brazil and China

Critical political economy analyses have principally conceptualised platforms as unproductive economic forms (rentier capital) skimming value off each intermediated transaction and/or illegitimately extracting and capitalizing user data. This scholarship has also focused heavily on extractive dimensions of global North platforms’ operations within the global South. However, a small but [...]

Digit researchers cited in ILO report

Work by two Digit researchers on digitalisation in retail informed discussions at a recent meeting of the International Labour Organization in Geneva.

Getting the goods: Trade unions and the strategy in the quick-commerce sector

The rise of quick-commerce (q-commerce) platforms has reshaped the retail industry, posing new challenges for trade unions. This policy study examines q-commerce, which promises super-fast delivery of groceries, often under 30 minutes, and its potential threats to established collective bargaining patterns and trade union strongholds in bricks-and-mortar retail. Drawing [...]

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