Dr. Petros Chamakiotis

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How health platforms can improve healthcare in the Global South

Healthcare systems in Africa are severely underfunded, while more than half of Africa’s population is underserved for their healthcare needs. Increasing access to continuing professional development in medical knowledge through health platforms can improve healthcare access across the African continent. Knowledge transfer through digital health platforms can have unintended [...]

After-hours connectivity management strategies in academic work

Emerging literature has identified a range of strategies that professionals develop in order to manage after-hours connectivity to work, but it has largely treated those strategies as being independent from each other. Existing research has not captured the dynamic nature of connectivity or how this may facilitate the redrawing [...]

Reimagining e-leadership for reconfigured virtual teams due to Covid-19

Driven by an unexpected transition into virtual working worldwide as a result of the Coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic, in this paper, we examine the extent to which existing knowledge from the literature on virtual teams (VTs) spanning two decades can be used to inform how leadership can be [...]

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