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Making It Stick: The UK Four-Day Week Pilot One Year On

One year on from the results of the world’s biggest ever four-day working week pilot which took place in the UK in 2022, companies that took part have reported significant and lasting success. The report offers new insight into the effects of a four-day week on workers over the [...]

The future of work and working time: introduction to special issue

This introduction to the special issue on the future of work and working time offers an overview of issues of relevance to present-day debates on working time. The aim is to bring together two divergent debates, the first on working time reduction for full-time workers and the second on [...]

Employers’ Digital Practices at Work Survey: First Findings

There are significant gaps in our understanding of how employers in the United Kingdom adopt and use artificial intelligence powered tools and software. This report provides a comprehensive analysis of a nationally representative survey of business establishments in the United Kingdom conducted between November 2021 and June 2022. The [...]

The results are in: The UK’s four-day week pilot

In collaboration with a major trial of the four-day week in the UK, run by the 4 Day Week Campaign, Digit researchers Professor Brendan Burchell and Dr David Frayne have investigated how such changes can be implemented practically and equitably – and by a broader range of industries. This report details the full findings [...]

What matters more for employees’ mental health: job quality or job quantity?

Recent debates about whether the standard full-time working week (35–40 h) can be replaced by a shorter working week have received extensive attention. Using 2015 European Working Conditions Survey data, this study contributes to these debates by exploring the relationships between job quantity, job quality and employees’ mental health. [...]

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