Workshop: How will AI shape the future of HR?

14 July 2023

In what ways is Artificial Intelligence (AI) likely to shape the future role of HR professionals? This was the central question of the workshop “Artificial Intelligence and HR” that took place on the 28th of June in central London.

The workshop, organised by the Digital Futures at Work Research Centre and the HR Analytics Think Tank, brought together a group of HR professionals, technology experts, and academics. The participants discussed if and how recent developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are likely to shape HR and people management.

Discussions focused on applications and challenges of AI within the HR domain, the consequences for HR tasks and responsibilities, the required skills and knowledge, and the influence on value creation by HR professionals.

Three tables of participants in the workshop

Participants at the workshop

Our participants identified the application of AI for learning as a key area, whereas the most important challenges are related to the risks of bias in AI systems and the ethical considerations related to data use and using AI for HR. In line with this, critical thinking and better understanding of how to interpret data were highlighted as crucial skills for HR professionals going forward. Lastly, through automation of tasks related to analytics, routine HR work and improving the employee experience, AI can help HR professionals to create business value.

The event was part of the Marie Jahoda Visiting Fellowship of Dr. Maarten Renkema and was co-organised with Professor Andy Charlwood and Dr. Wil Hunt with the help of Dr. Nigel Guenole and Dr. Adrian Murton.

A full report will be developed based on analysis of the discussions.

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