Governance of artificial intelligence report quotes Digit researcher

31 May 2024

Digit Research Fellow Dr Steve Rolf has been both quoted and cited in the House of Commons Innovation and Technology Committee’s report ‘Governance of artificial intelligence (AI)’.

The report examines domestic and international developments in the governance and regulation of AI since the publication of the committee’s interim report last year, which Dr Rolf was also cited in.

The Government set this inquiry in motion as the use of AI has increased significantly in recent years. It offers a range of potential benefits such as quicker analysis of large datasets allowing more accurate information, forecasts and predictions, and more personalised public services. However, there are several concerns, such as the possibility of biased algorithms, a lack of transparency and unexplained decision-making. These require a robust governance framework to be implemented.

Dr Rolf said:

“I am very happy to be quoted and have my research cited in the Committee’s report. As AI continues to evolve, it is crucial that our policies reflect the latest advancements and insights to ensure ethical and effective implementation and governance. I am excited to contribute to this critical dialogue and look forward to the continued development of AI governance.”

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