Digit team collaborate on launch of Gigpedia

1 March 2023

Digit researchers are collaborating on a new central hub that will collate available information on the gig economy worldwide.

Gigpedia is the result of a collaboration between the WageIndicator Foundation, the Fairwork project and the Digit team behind the Leeds Index of Platform Labour Protest.

Gigpedia will provides an ongoing and up-to-date overview of available information about the global platform economy, providing a valuable resource for policymakers, workers, employers and researchers.

The hub will include news, existing legislation, case studies, court cases, ratings of labour standards for specific platforms and protests against working conditions.

The Leeds Index of Platform Labour Protest, part funded by Digit, is the authoritative source of information about protest in the platform economy, documenting instances of protest by gig workers around the world.

Digit Research Fellow Dr Simon Joyce said: “Protests by platform workers have made headlines recently, brining attention to the challenges they face.  The Leeds Index of Platform Labour Protest is a global public database of protests that have taken place since 2017.  We are happy to be part of the gigpedia initiative, contributing to its multiple sources of information on global platform work.

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