Digit researcher publishes report on AI and algorithmic management in the service sector

27 March 2024

Dr Steve Rolf has authored a new report on the use of AI in the service sector for leading think tank, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.

‘AI and Algorithmic Management in European Service Sectors: Prevalence, functions, and a guide for negotiators’ discusses the growing use of AI and algorithmic management systems (AAMS) in European service industries.  It provides a broad overview of the main functions of AI and algorithmic software tools, and review estimates of their prevalence.

Dr Rolf said:

“AI and Algorithmic Management Systems (AAMS) are spreading far beyond the ‘platform’ economy and into conventional workplaces. There is growing concern that AI and algorithmic management systems may harm workers and firms. This report provides important evidence about how they are being used and highlights the need for new legislation to protect workers as they are rolled out.  In the meantime, Trade Unions urgently need to improve their understanding of these systems while exploring ways of engaging in systematic bargaining over their adoption.”

The report is part of a broader FES-UNI Europa research project that is exploring the growing significance of AI-systems for European workers as well as prospects for collective bargaining to assert worker control over these new and proliferating tools.

Read the report.

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