Digit researcher authors new book on the gender pay gap

26 June 2024

Digit Research Fellow Dr Rachel Verdin has published a new book, ‘Architectures of Inequality: Gender Pay Inequity and Britain’s Finance Sector’ with Bristol University Press.

Focusing on the UK finance industry, which is known for its gender pay disparity, the book explores initiatives to fix gendered inequities in the workplace. Her research uncovers gaps in pay transparency, obstacles hindering workplace policies, and the factors that are stalling progress for the future.

Dr Verdin said, “The book reveals both progress and resistance to change but the reality is in seven years the overall pay gap has reduced by only 1.2%. My research highlights the urgent need for more transparency on pay within firms if we are to close the gender pay gap.”

Writing in The Conversation, Dr Verdin argued that, “The UK is no longer a leader on this agenda and government and employers could learn from developments abroad. Australia, Canada and parts of the US have implemented more extensive transparency requirements, such as banning employers from requesting salary information from job applicants and enhancing the right of women to know what male colleagues earn.”

Access the book

‘Architectures of Inequality: Gender Pay Inequity and Britain’s Finance Sector’ is available to buy from the Bristol University Press website, or via open access digitally.

Read Dr Verdin’s article in The Conversation

‘Rachel Reeves wants to end the UK’s gender pay gap for good – here’s how she could do it’ can be found on The Conversation website.

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