Digit co-director presents at techUK’s Exploring the Future of Work Series

4 November 2022

Digit co-Director Jackie O’Reilly participated in a panel for an event on The rise of the gig economy on 1 November 2022.

The event was part of techUK’s Exploring the Future of Work Series and was organised by Digit Advisory Board member Nimmi Patel.

The panel explored the rise of the gig economy and its implications for the future workforce, how gig economy employers are supporting workers, and what steps the UK can take to drive standards across the gig economy and foster innovation.

Professor O’Reilly discussed recent research on how employers were involved in negotiations and initiatives with unions like GMB on re-regulating this type of employment.  She also highlighted Digit research on diversity of employment on platforms, especially for young people in the UK and Africa.

Professor O’Reilly’s co-edited book, Work in the Digital Age documents examples of best practice in the Nordic countries and in Canada.

You can watch the event here.

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